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Celebrate Canadian Children's Book Week

Children's books hold a special place in our hearts. In honour of Canadian Children's Book Week, April 28 to May 4, give yourself the gift of revisiting a book or two that once delighted a younger you. What chapter books stirred your middle-grade imagination? What novels whispered to your teenage heart? As you look back, take a moment to express your gratitude to the authors and illustrators who instilled a lifelong love of reading through the power of their words and pictures.

Trending Titles

If you're eager to discover something new to share with a child in your life, our knowledgeable children's librarian, Kathleen Anderson, has a few ideas.

Graphic novels continue to be a hit with today's youth. They come in different genres, like fantasy, science fiction, humour, realistic fiction, nonfiction, and memoir. They are a terrific choice for every child—from reluctant to ravenous readers. Graphic novels can be particularly great for kids who struggle with print. By using images as clues to help understand the story context, they learn new words. In this way, graphic novels can help children build confidence toward reading chapter books.

Once children are captivated by the magic of reading, they want to follow their beloved characters on new adventures. Check out the middle-grade graphic novel series, Paws. Crafted by the award-winning comics creator Nathan Fairbairn and illustrated by Michele Assarasakorn, both based in Vancouver, BC, this series is perfect for fans of the hugely popular Raina Telgemeier and Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels. Paws is a heartwarming tale about three friends who share a love for animals. In the first book, best friends Gabby, Priya, and Mindy create an after-school dog-walking business and quickly learn that running a business is no walk in the park.

Books about environmental awareness are also popular. Two great titles are Berani by Toronto-based writer Michelle Kadarusman, a 2024 Forest of Reading Nominee. This multi-award-winning middle-grade novel explores the consequences of choices, good and bad, made by young environmental activists. Another great title is I Hear You, Forest by British Columbia author Kallie George. This book shares the joy of discovering the beauty of our natural world if we slow down and notice.

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Another trend is books about intergenerational relationships, connections with grandparents, or important older adults. Julie Flett, a Cree-Métis author and illustrator, writes children's books centred around Indigenous Canadian culture. Her picture book, Just Like Grandma, is an uplifting story about a child who spends time with her grandmother. In this book, Grandma shows Becca how to make something beautiful, and Becca teaches Grandma a few things, reinforcing their special bond.

So Many Great Reads!

Our Canadian children's authors and illustrators continue adding titles to the treasure trove. When you're ready for more recommended reads, BPL staff are always happy to help put great books in your hands. Ask us next time you visit a branch, or try our online readers service, Handpicked For You, for suggestions tailored to your reading interests.