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Seed Library is Open!

It's officially Spring! And no matter what weather is in store over the next few weeks, nothing can dampen the excitement that this season brings. When trees start to bud and plants poke up from the soil, unsurprisingly, our thoughts turn to outside pleasures, where gardening tops the list for many Burlingtonians. And we're thrilled to announce that Burlington Public Library's Seed Library is fully back in action, just in time for this year's growing season.

We temporarily adjusted Seed Library due to COVID limitations for the past few years, so we're excited to reintroduce our seed borrowing program—that's right, borrowing!

The idea behind Seed Library is for residents to have a total growing cycle experience—from sowing and growing to harvesting and seed saving. Seed Library provides "try-it" sample packages of plant seeds specifically selected with easy seed harvesting in mind. And while returning seeds is not a requirement for borrowing, we'd love to get seeds back from your successful crops. With your help, as we grow our 'homegrown' collection, we'll create seed stocks best suited for our local climate. That's great news for gardeners!

And we'll also keep you from guessing how to plant or save seeds. Throughout the growing season, we'll offer booklists and programs with practical tips to help support your growing efforts, starting with Seed Starting for Beginners on Sunday, April 2nd. This practical program will help you learn how to start seeds indoors and out for a successful garden.

Seed packages will be available at all branches except Kilbride as of March 20. Once you've chosen the seeds you want to plant, please see a staff member to check out. As a seed borrower, you are now part of a community of gardeners, and we ask that you respect that the Seed Library is a shared and limited public resource. You may check out up to three seed packages per family.

Check out the complete Seed Library collection for 2023. You can start many seed types indoors, while others can wait to be sown directly in your garden or patio planter once it warms up outdoors and the risk of frost is gone.

Get growing!