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Handpicked For You Starts April 25

“I’m looking for something to read—what do you suggest?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our customers. Discovering a good read while browsing library displays, shelves, or the catalogue is a fantastic experience, but sometimes you want to “ask the expert.” Enter our brand new Handpicked For You service. 

To get started using this service, simply complete the Handpicked For You online form or ask staff for help submitting your request by phone or in person. You tell us what you like to read, watch, or listen to, and we take a deep dive into our collection to find titles we think you’ll love. As part of this personal ‘shopping’ service, you select whether to receive a digital booklist of suggested titles or a bundle of items to pick up and check out at your preferred branch.

Finding Your Perfect Pick

Considering that Burlington Public Library has a physical collection of around 240,000 unique books, movies, and music CDs spread around seven locations (and more in our digital collection, too), it’s easy to overlook many outstanding titles. We’ll help you find just the right picks for you!

“Our staff have exceptional knowledge of our collections, and they are trained to help people find items that suit their needs and interests,” says Frances Hanemaayer, Manager of North Branches and the leader behind BPL’s Handpicked For You service. “We want our customers to take advantage of this talent so they can enjoy a great read (or watch) every time.”

How Can Handpicked Help You?

Handpicked For You makes BPL’s collection more accessible in a few ways:

  • Customers who cannot readily visit the library can select a bundle of titles for a friend or family member to pick up on their behalf.
  • Staff can help customers find immediately available hidden gems and discover new authors so they don’t have to wait for our most popular items.
  • Customers looking for support on niche topics like welcoming a new sibling or managing incontinence can get discreet help finding useful resources.

Whether you want help navigating a tough topic or are just looking for your next page turner, we’re here for you. Let us help you discover your perfect pick in our field of fantastic reads. Try our Handpicked For You service today!