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Brock Researchers Study BPL Spaces

As part of our commitment to being a welcoming space for everyone, we are embarking on a journey to better understand the diverse needs and experiences of our community members.  

Aligning with our values of accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion, researchers from Brock University will visit Central and New Appleby branches as part of a study on social inclusion in public libraries. The research's focus is to explore how public libraries create and maintain inclusivity to support an ever-changing and diverse community of customers.

During their visits, scheduled for May 16, May 21, and June 1, the researchers will discreetly observe activities within our public spaces to gain insights into how visitors use our services and resources and any potential barriers they may encounter.

Please be assured that the researchers are gathering information only to make general observations. They will not collect any identifying details of library customers. Should you have any concerns about your privacy during their presence, please do not hesitate to approach our library staff.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support as we strive to create an inclusive and enriching environment for all.