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Halton Libraries Committed to Supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ Communities

During Pride Month and all year round, libraries should be a safe space. 

In light of recent protests in opposition to Pride Month events at Oakville Public Library, we are reaffirming our support for 2SLGBTQIA+ communities. Members of these communities and their allies deserve to feel welcome and protected in our spaces.

Public libraries have always championed free speech and equitable access to diverse information. This is core to who we are. It empowers our communities to learn and grow by reaching outside their comfort zones and discovering new information.

We serve everyone in the community, and we realize that some of the programs and materials we offer will make some people uncomfortable. That is okay. They can choose not to participate in programs or borrow materials that don’t align with their values. And even if they disagree with our practices, they will continue to be welcome at the library.

Hate, however, is not welcome at the library. We stand behind our decision to offer programming and materials that make 2SLGBTQIA+ folks and their allies feel seen and heard. We frequently hear from customers that these offerings spark important conversations about inclusion and acceptance. We will not tolerate disruptions to these programs or library services that make any member of our communities feel unsafe.

Our values of inclusion and free access to information will continue to guide our decisions during Pride Month and beyond.

Signatures of Tara Wong, CEO, Oakville Public LibraryLita Barrie, CEO, Burlington Public LibraryKanta Kapoor, Interim CEO, Milton Public LibraryBeverley King, Acting CEO, Halton Hills Public Library along with organizations logo

Signatures of 

  • Tara Wong, CEO, Oakville Public Library
  • Lita Barrie, CEO, Burlington Public Library
  • Kanta Kapoor, Interim CEO, Milton Public Library
  • Beverley King, Acting CEO, Halton Hills Public Library