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150 Things To Do At Burlington Public Library

We're celebrating Ontario Public Library Week! It's a chance to recognize all the amazing opportunities you can unlock with your library card. 

This year's theme is "One Card, One Million Possibilities." And while we truly believe the possibilities are endless when it comes to the library, we wanted to share just a few to inspire you. 150 in fact, since this Ontario Public Library Week coincides with our 150 birthday here at Burlington Public Library. 

Many of the activities on this list don't even require a library card. You can visit our spaces, attend our programs, and use our wifi without a card! But, if you're eligible, we do recommend you get one. It's free, you can sign up online, and it gives you instant access to thousands of resources to brighten your life. 

Come celebrate this occasion with us by visiting your local branch, borrowing a book, or attending a program. Our branches have a special activity on display where you can add your favourite thing to do at the library. Now, without further ado, enjoy this thorough but not exhaustive list:

1. Check out a book

2. Learn to code

3. Use a public washroom

4. Meet friends for coffee

5. Read a magazine

6. Get a library card

7. Learn to knit

8. Discover community organizations

9. Study with friends

10. Apply for a job

11. Make art

12. Join a book club

13. Meet an author

14. Think

15. Charge my phone

16. Borrow a birdwatching kit

17. Learn a new language

18. Get a light therapy boost

19. Print documents

20. Cram for exams

21. Print art in the MakerSpace

22. Learn about eBooks

23. Cool off from the heat

24. Warm up from the cold

25. Refill my water bottle

26. Write poetry

27. Go down a slide

28. Sing and dance

29. Play giant board games

30. Go on a scavenger hunt

31. Read a bestseller

32. Research my family history

33. Check my car’s value

34. Watch a movie

35. Have a free date night

36. Borrow books from partner libraries

37. Listen to a story at Storytime

38. Pick up a bookmark

39. Sit and rest while children are in a program

40. Use a computer

41. Colour an activity sheet

42. Borrow a FitBit

43. Check out a Lucky Express book or DVD

44. Stream a hit series

45. Talk to fellow book lovers

46. Discover a new hobby

47. Ask a tech question

48. Up your computer skills

49. Browse the shelves

50. “Zoom in” with an Optelec Magnifier

51. Enter the bookmark contest

52. Start a conversation with someone new

53. Watch a puppet show

54. Play hide and seek

55. Ask a question (any question!)

56. Copy a recipe

57. Borrow a Chromebook

58. Read your horoscope

59. Get trusted advice for your next stage in life

60. Recommend a book

61. Ask for a book recommendation

62. Explore the MakerSpace

63. Learn to design a 3D object

64. Make a 3D object

65. Film a TikTok video

66. Plan out your garden

67. Improve your research skills

68. Compile a to-read list

69. Read old newspapers on microfilm

70. Explore old maps

71. Design and create a button

72. Stream a documentary

73. Read a picture book

74. Use a public pay phone

75. Host a virtual meeting

76. Attend a virtual meeting

77. Take a break

78. Reminisce over an old yearbook

79. Write a book

80. Play on an Early Literacy Computer

81. Meet your future spouse

82. Get married

83. Do a photoshoot

84. Make a movie

85. Research the history of your house

86. Find old documents

87. Borrow sheet music

88. Work

89. Embroider a patch

90. Access free Wi-Fi (even from the parking lot)

91. Chat with staff

92. Look at old photos & postcards online

93. Create an iron-on design for team t-shirts

94. Pick up your hold

95. Take computer classes

96. Send a fax

97. Scan a document

98. Read the daily newspaper for FREE

99. Digitize old VHS tapes

100. “Borrow” seeds

101. Borrow portable Wi-Fi

102. Meet your literary hero

103. Make holiday gifts

104. Share your opinion

105. Try virtual reality

106. Play video games

107. Learn to research

108. Explore new technology

109. Attend a concert

110. See student art displays

111. Meet fellow parents

112. Shake your sillies out

113. Check out magazines

114. Check out digital magazines

115. Find services/programs using

116. Get help from Information Burlington

117. Find out if you’re on the voter list

118. Get free food from the community fridge

119. Borrow passes to local attractions and parks

120. Check out a CO2 monitor

121. Borrow an iPad

122. Read books in other languages

123. Expand your world!

124. Learn how to use your devices

125. Start a business

126. Pick up garbage tags

127. Recycle your batteries

128. Borrow assistive technology

129. Take an art class

130. Request a title we don’t have yet

131. Get help from a settlement worker

132. Promote your local event on bulletin boards

133. Learn to read English

134. Practice speaking English

135. Meet up with a tutor

136. Connect with an online tutor

137. Get free menstrual products

138. Play

139. View public art pieces

140. Learn to dance

141. Read for the win with Summer Reading Club

142. Borrow a Cognitive Care Kit

143. Be a Library Board Trustee

144. Honour a loved one with books

145. Look at vintage scrapbooks

146. Gently exercise with chair yoga

147. Improve your photography skills

148. Make a custom engraving

149. Watch a puppet show

150. Pay It Forward and feel good!