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Five Books That Will Bring You Back to Y2K

If you came of age in the Y2K era, you may find it hard to believe the trends of this time have made a comeback. Butterfly clips, wide-leg Modrobes, and baby tees are no longer safely in the rear-view mirror.

While you may not be ready to dig out your midriff-baring, low-rise jeans, you can still relive this iconic era. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion, and what better way to transport yourself back to the early aughts than with a great read?

These books from the early 2000s feature nods to Y2K fashion, and spark that warm, fuzzy, feeling you get when you relive your youth. Oh wait, maybe that’s just my chenille turtleneck.

Check out these throwback reads


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The Bridget Jones series debuted in 1998, and captivated readers (and watchers) on a perpetual, and elaborate quest for self-improvement. Does this witty novel and its sequel by Helen Fielding stand the test of time? Put on your comfiest flannel pajamas and decide for yourself.


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Before it was the ultimate teen drama of the mid-2000s, Gossip Girl was a wildly popular book series. Remember? Juicy New York City private school spectacle. Covers that lured you in with spaghetti straps and velour. Everyone wanted to be Gossip Girl, or in the very least know her. Relive your teen years with this series in our digital collection, or pass the torch to the next generation.


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A coming-of-age story always serves major nostalgia, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower does not disappoint on this front. Set in the early 90s and published in 1999, this novel brings back memories of navigating adolescence without the internet at your fingertips. It covers heavy themes with honesty and grit. Do your high school self a favour and reread this one with fresh perspective. Then watch the movie to enjoy some delightful 90s style.


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Racialized voices were hard to find in popular literature in the early 2000s. The Skin I’m In was a rare gem. Author Sharon Flake tells the story of a young black woman who learns to love her dark skin after meeting a teacher with a unique physical condition. Republished in 2018, this story is worth revisiting. And while you’re at it, check out some more recent picks from black authors like We are Not Like Them and By the Book.


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This series, titled Confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison, features awkward British teen, Georgia, whose angst and antics will have you howling at every chapter. It serves up heaps of those schoolgirl vibes we were obsessed with in the ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ era, along with real truths about friendship and self-acceptance. You might cringe from second-hand embarrassment while reading this series, but it is a fabulous throwback worth passing on to present-day teens.

Lean into nostalgia

This list could be endless. Depending on your age in the Y2K era, you may yearn for Sweet Valley High, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, or anything by Nicholas Sparks.

Lean into nostalgia and find comfort in rereading some favourites from your formative years. You may find yourself transported back to a simpler time in your life.

Maybe you’ll even convince yourself to don a bucket hat occasionally. Too far? I thought so.